What does the word annual mean?

  • 1. Relating to a year, yearly, once a year. 2. A plant the root of which dies with the coming of frost, and which must be propagated anew each spring from seed or bulb.

Usage examples for annual

  1. The annual autumn excursion was coming! – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. If, in consequence of the price of foreign commodities being cheaper, a less portion of the annual produce of the land and labour of England is employed in the purchase of foreign commodities, more will remain for the purchase of other things. – On The Principles of Political Economy, and Taxation by David Ricardo
  3. The movement was now well defined and national in scope, so that the seventh annual session of the National Grange, which took place in St. Louis in February, 1874, attracted much interest and comment. – The Agrarian Crusade A Chronicle of the Farmer in Politics by Solon J. Buck

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