What does the word bark mean?

  • 1. The envelope or covering of the roots, trunk, and branches of plants. 2. Cinchona.

  • Cinchona-b. Arica, see Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex-b. Ash, see Cinchona-b. Bitter, Pinckneya pubens-b. Bogota, see Cinchona-b. Calisaya, Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex- b. Calisaya, spurious, see Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex- b. Carabaya, see Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex -b. Caribaean, Cinchonae Caribaeae cortex-b. Carthagena, see Cinchona- b. Coquetta, see Cinchona- b. Crown, Cinchonae lancifoliae cortex- b. Cusco, see Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex- b. Doom, Sassy-bark-b. Elk, Magnolia glauca-b. Essential salt of, see Cinchona- b. Florida, Pinckneya pubens-b. Fusagasuga, see Cinchona- b. Georgia, Pinckneya pubens- b. Gray, see Cinchona-b. Huamilies, see Cinchona-b. Huanuco, see Cinchona-b. Indian, Magnolia glauca -b. Iron, see Kino- b. Jesuit's, Cinchona- b. Jaen, see Cinchona-b. Lima, see Cinchona-b. Loxa, Cinchonae lancifoliae cortex-b. Pale, Cinchonae lancifoliae cortex-b. Maracaybo, see Cinchona-b. Ordeal, Sassy-bark-b. Peruvian, Cinchona-b. Pitaya, Cinchonae Caribaeae cortex, see Cinchona-b. Red, Cinchonae oblongifoliae cortex -b. Royal, Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex-b. of St. Ann, see Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex-b. Saint Lucia, Cinchonae Caribaeae cortex-b. Santa Martha, see Cinchona-b. Sassy, Sassy-bark- b. Seven, Hydrangea arborescens- b. Silver, see Cinchona-b. Yellow, Cinchonae cordifoliae cortex.

  • [ Latin] The outer protecting rind of the woody part of plants. Calisaya b., Peruvian b., Rea, b., Yellow b., cinchona. Panama b., Soap b., quillaia. Sacred cascara.

Usage examples for bark

  1. You'd like to hear him bark at the waves when they come in." – Youth and the Bright Medusa by Willa Cather
  2. This is proved in several ways: there are few roots or branches and little bark. – I Married a Ranger by Dama Margaret Smith
  3. Running Fox stopped and imitated the bark of Woakus, the fox. – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor

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