What does the word branch mean?

  • An arm- like division; an off- shoot.

  • A term applied, generally, to the principal division of an artery or nerve. The word is commonly used synonymously with Ramus; but often, with the French, Branche signifies the great division ;-Rameau, Lat. Ramus, the division of the branches; and Ramuscules, Lat. Ramusculi, the divisions of these last. The French, also, speak of the branches of the pubis for the Rami of that bone, branches of the ischium for the rami of the ischium, &c.

Usage examples for branch

  1. By- and- by they reached a branch road to a village. – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  2. He slipped down from the branch and ran till he was ahead of the farmer. – The King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum
  3. He went into the next room, which had a branch telephone connection, and called up May. – The Man Who Knew by Edgar Wallace

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