What does the word catarrhal mean?

Usage examples for catarrhal

  1. At one time a sixth of the entire camp was on the sick list, and at least one- half unfit for service, in consequence of dysentery and catarrhal fevers which raged like a pestilence." – History of the War Between Mexico and the United States, with a Preliminary View of its Origin, Volume 1 by Brantz Mayer
  2. I remember Goldwin Smith once asking him how he did, and his replying, " I am suffering, sir, from a catarrhal cold, which, however, sir, I take to be a kind provision of Nature to relieve the peccant humours of the system." – Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 by Augustus J. C. Hare
  3. Catarrhal conditions may occur in the stomach, but like those of the nose and throat they are not serious, heal completely, and produce no definite changes. – Health Through Will Power by James J. Walsh

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