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Usage examples:
  • No guide so wonderfully chapped, so brightly handkerchiefed, so amazingly shirted, or so loudly perfumed as Shorty. - "I Married a Ranger", Dama Margaret Smith.
  • In Patagonia " both sexes smear their faces, and occasionally their bodies with paint, the Indians alleging as the reasons for using this cosmetic that it is a protection against the effects of the wind; and I found from personal experience that it proved a complete preservative from excoriation or chapped skin." - "Primitive Love and Love-Stories", Henry Theophilus Finck.
  • He was resting on one knee; over the other his hands were crossed- enormous, powerful, coarsened hands, the skin so frayed and chapped that around the finger- nails and along the cracks here and there a little blood had oozed out and dried. - "The Reign of Law A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields", James Lane Allen.

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