What does the word constituent mean?

Usage examples for constituent

  1. During the last thirty years the military spirit has been kept alive as a constituent element of patriotism itself. – A Victorious Union SERIES: The Blue and the Gray--Afloat by Oliver Optic
  2. It had almost the same opinions, the same inclination for moderation as the Centre of the constituent assembly; but its power was very different: it was no longer at the head of a class established, and by the aid of which it could master all the extreme parties. – History of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814 by F. A. M. Miguet
  3. These roots formed the constituent elements of all languages. – Lectures on The Science of Language by Max Müller
  4. Mineral material is of the greatest importance as a constituent of our food. – The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy by J. Morris Slemons
  5. You are one of these primitive Anglo- Saxons, he said, who can see the simple things with big eyes, but who are terribly worried at an unfamiliar constituent. – The Evil Shepherd by E. Phillips Oppenheim

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