What does the word curative mean?

Usage examples for curative

  1. This healing fountain is not exhausted of its curative power by the early comers. – Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V) by Alexander Maclaren
  2. On the other hand, by denying it our attention and opposing it with curative autosuggestions, we reduce its power to the minimum and should succeed in overcoming it entirely. – The Practice of Autosuggestion by C. Harry Brooks
  3. When a medical written charm is wholly unintelligible, its curative virtue is thereby much enhanced. – Primitive Psycho-Therapy and Quackery by Robert Means Lawrence
  4. There are, upon the whole, no people more destitute of curative means than these. – Three Voyages for the Discovery of a Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and Narrative of an Attempt to Reach the North Pole, Volume 2 (of 2) by Sir William Edward Parry
  5. The palpable and overt dose the child rejects; but that which is cunningly insinuated by the aid of jam or honey is accepted unconsciously, and goes on its curative mission. – A History of English Prose Fiction by Bayard Tuckerman

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