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Usage examples:
  • He gave her the necessary data, and she consulted her charts, and gave him a rapid and wonderfully correct delineation of his character, " a nature which combines the characteristics of Scorpio with some of those of Sagitarrius, as is the case," she explained gravely, " with persons born near the cusp," a term which produced no impression upon his mind, though he said, " Oh, indeed," politely. - "An American Suffragette", Isaac N. Stevens.
  • In comparing the left maxillary tooth- rows note especially the size of M3 and the reduced posterointernal cusp on Ml in A. peninsulae. - "Comments on the Taxonomic Status of Apodemus peninsulae, with Description of a New Subspecies from North China", J. Knox Jones, Jr..
  • The posterolingual cusp is supported by the broad posterior root. - "Records of the Fossil Mammal Sinclairella, Family Apatemyidae, From the Chadronian and Orellan", William A. Clemens.

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