What does the word diploma mean?

  • Same etymon as Diploe. A letter or writing conferring some privilege: usually applied to the document, certifying that person has obtained the title of Doctor. It was so called because formerly written on waxed tables, folded together. Diploma is also used in pharmacy for a vessel with double walls, -as a water-bath.

Usage examples for diploma

  1. The swimming lessons remained a dead secret until the course was completed and the diploma actually in the hands of the graduate. – Sube Cane by Edward Bellamy Partridge
  2. Every diploma ought to mean something. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  3. The son was sadly stricken by his mother's death, for he had a very strong affection for her; and for a long time after his return to the Medical College- in fact, until he had taken his diploma- he remained perfectly sober; but in the banquet that he and the rest of his class held to celebrate that event he again fell, and ere he left was so intoxicated he had to be helped to his lodgings. – From Wealth to Poverty by Austin Potter
  4. He may have lost his diploma. – Oliver Goldsmith by E. S. Lang Buckland
  5. A large and brilliant company was present in the evening on which she received her diploma, for the Training School deservedly excited the interest of the best and most philanthropic people in the city. – Without a Home by E. P. Roe

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