What does the word flask mean?

  • A small bottle, especially one that is larger about the middle than at the bottom.

Usage examples for flask

  1. She motioned with the flask of cordial once or twice, but his eyes closed for a negative. – By What Authority? by Robert Hugh Benson
  2. Then he stooped to help Dalla gather her things, picking up a few of them- a lighter, a tiny crystal perfume flask, miraculously unbroken, a face- powder box which had sprung open and spilled half its contents. – Time Crime by H. Beam Piper
  3. And, when she saw that his head had been cut off, she immediately took the small flask and poured some of its contents over the body and, lo! – Hero Tales and Legends of the Serbians by Woislav M. Petrovitch
  4. There is some whiskey in that flask. – Mr. Isaacs by F. Marion Crawford
  5. Philip rose from his seat and paced the floor uneasily, while Rawbon filled a glass from a flask of brandy on the table. – Fort Lafayette or, Love and Secession by Benjamin Wood

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