What does the word foetus mean?

  • An incorrect spelling of fetus.

  • The young of any creature.' The unborn child. ( F.) Fetus, Faix. The majority of anatomists apply to the germ tho name embryo, which it retains until the third month of gestation, and with some until the period of quickening; whilst foetus is is applied to it in its latter stages. The terms are, however, often used indiscriminately. When the ovule has been fecundated in the ovarium, it proceeds slowly towards, and enters the uterus, with which it becomes ultimately connected by means of the placenta. When first seen, the foetus has the form of a gelatinous flake, which some have compared to an ant, a grain of barley, a worm curved upon itself, &c. The foetal increment is very rapid in the first, third, fourth, and sixth months of its formation, and at the end of nine months it has attained its full dimensions- Enfant a terme. Generally, there is but one foetus in utero; sometimes, there are two; rarely three. The foetus presents considerable difference in its shape, weight, length, situation in the womb, proportion of its various parts to each other, arrangement and texture of its organs, state of its functions at different periods of gestation, &c. All these differences are important in an obstetrical and medico-legal point of view. The following table exhibits the length and weight of the foetus at different periods of gestation, on the authority of different observers. Their discordance is striking. It is proper to remark, that the Paris pound- Poid de Marc- of 16 ounces, contains 9216 Paris grains, whilst the avoirdupois contains, only 8532, 5 Paris grains, and that the Paris inch is 1. 065977 English inch.

  • Pregnant-f. in Feotu, cryptodidymus.

Usage examples for foetus

  1. The foetus and after- birth from a cow that has slinked are very offensive, and if left within reach, the other cows will sniff at it, and bellow around it; and in a short time more of the cows will abort. – Cattle and Cattle-breeders by William M'Combie
  2. He is in essence retreating to the foetus-" " Sounds good, but tell me the rest later, Doc." – Take the Reason Prisoner by John Joseph McGuire
  3. And we know that the entire world bears privation and torment and that man from his origin as foetus till the end of his days is subject to one suffering after another. – Iranian Influence on Moslem Literature, Part I by M. Inostranzev

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