What does the word ibis mean?

  • A bird held sacred by the Egyptians. When sick, it is asserted that it was wont to inject the water of the Nile into its fundament: whence, according to Langius, was learned the use of glysters.

Usage examples for ibis

  1. This is the ibis? – Napoleon's Young Neighbor by Helen Leah Reed
  2. He never gave cause for any dissatisfaction when called to court, and when he was asked questions by the monarch he replied always in fit terms, in such words as were calculated to produce serenity, and thus gained for himself a reputation as the incarnation of wisdom, all his plans and intentions appearing to have been conceived by Thot the Ibis himself. – History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 5 (of 12) by G. Maspero
  3. " And do you pretend, Nicholl," asked Michel, " that by means of these hieroglyphics, more incomprehensible than the Egyptian ibis, you can find the initial speed necessary to give to the projectile?" – The Moon-Voyage by Jules Verne
  4. Then, in reply to their friendly urging, he had confessed that he had not been well- had indeed gone off hurriedly for a few days' change of air- and that left him without defence against the immediate proposal that he should take his change of air on the Ibis. – The Glimpses of the Moon by Edith Wharton

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