What does the word impregnated mean?

Usage examples for impregnated

  1. " One must be impregnated with this principle: " Two things equal to a third demand an affirmative judgment or decision. – Common Sense Subtitle: How To Exercise It by Yoritomo-Tashi
  2. Coming from no definite direction, it yet impregnated the atmosphere. – The Border Boys Across the Frontier by Fremont B. Deering
  3. They floated around for centuries perhaps, and were thoroughly impregnated with the mineral water, doubtless hot water. – I Married a Ranger by Dama Margaret Smith
  4. For the work comes into being as a man does; the thinking mind is impregnated from without, and it then forms and bears its child. – The Art of Literature by Arthur Schopenhauer
  5. Paper is impregnated with primuline either by floating or brushing. – Photographic Reproduction Processes by P.C. Duchochois

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