What does the word impulse mean?

  • 1. A sudden pushing or driving force. 2. A sudden, often unreasoning, determination to perform some act.

  • [ Latin] A push or thrust; an urging on or against; as Cardiac i. ( = the beating of the apex of the heart against the chest-walls).

  • [ Latin] A strong and usually sudden tendency of the mind toward any action; especially, such a tendency when urging the mind apart from or against the dictates of reason; as Homicidal i. An i. is Morbid or Insane when its intensity is out of all proportion to the desirability of the objects to be secured by the act committed, or when the act itself is purposeless or such as no sane man would think of committing.

Usage examples for impulse

  1. The impulse to write- what do you say to that?" – What Dreams May Come by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  2. But the impulse, the command, that had carried us thus far was not to stop here. – The Metal Monster by A. Merritt
  3. But ere he reached the door, he turned with sudden impulse, and said:- " Davie, I love Jesus Christ and his Father more than I can tell you- more than I can put in words- more than I can think; and if you love me you will mind what Jesus tells you." – Donal Grant by George MacDonald

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