What does the word itch mean?

Usage examples for itch

  1. She wanted to get down and go and chat with the guest; she felt she had quite a good deal she could say to him; she had a great itch to go and talk, but Mr. Twist had been particular that to begin with, till the room was fairly full, he and she should leave the guests entirely to the Annas. – Christopher and Columbus by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim
  2. In addition to these, a race, to be great, needs some hunger, some itch, to spur it up the hard path we lately have learned to call evolution. – This Simian World by Clarence Day Jr.
  3. The latter examined the paper, and saw written in a fine, delicate hand the following words, which are preserved to this day, and which, when properly pronounced, constitute the Lord's Prayer as it has been uttered many a time by the dusky lips of the Shawanoe warrior, when his fiery nature was subdued by its blessed teachings: Coe- thin- a, spim- i- key yea- taw- yan- ee, O wes- sa- yeg yey- sey- tho- yan- ae; Day- pale- i- tum- any- pay- itch tha- key, yea- issi- tay- hay- yon- ae, issi- nock- i- key, yoe- ma assis- key- kie pie- sey spin- I- key. – The Lost Trail by Edward S. Ellis

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