What does the word kali mean?

  • Potash, Potassa- k, Acetas, Potassae acetas- k. Aeratum, Potassae carbonas- k. Bichromicum, Potassae bichromas- k. Causticum, Potassa fusa- k. Causticum cum calce, Potassa cum calce- k. Chloricum, Potassae murias hyperoxygenatus- k. Chromicum acidum, Potassae bichromas- k. Chromicum flavum, Potassae bichromas- k. Chromicum rubrum, Potassae bichromas- k. Chromicum neutrale, Potassae chromas- k. Hydriodinicum, see Potassae hydriodas- k. Inermis, see Salsola kali- k. Nitricum, Potassae nitras- k. Qxalicum acidulum, Potassa, oxalate of- k. Praeparatum, Potassae subcarbonas- k. Praeparatum e tartaro, see Potash- k. Purum, Potassa fusa- k. Soda, see Salsola kali- k. Spinosum cochleatum, Salsola kali- k. Subcarbonas, Potassae subcarbonas- k. Sulphas, Potassse sulphas- k. Sulphuricum, Potassae sulphas- k. Sulphuretum, Potassae sulphuretum- k. Tartarizatum, Potassae tartras- k. e Tartaro, see Potash- k. Vitriolatum, Potassae sulphas.

  • [ Latin] Potash. Hence, Kalimeter, alkalimeter; Kalinus[ Latin] pottasic; Kalium[ Latin], potassium.

Usage examples for kali

  1. On the succeeding night the child was produced before the goddess Kali, and she called it back to life. – Folk-Tales of Bengal by Lal Behari Day
  2. Kalas custom, 179. Kali age, 522 n. – Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official by William Sleeman

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