What does the word lachrymal mean?

Usage examples for lachrymal

  1. Himself an adept at shedding tears at will, he seemed able to induce them when needed in the lachrymal glands of the most hardened culprit whom he happened to be defending. – Courts and Criminals by Arthur Train
  2. Thus, while the patriotic author is weeping and howling in prose, in blank verse, and in rhyme, and collecting the drops of public sorrow into his volume, as into a lachrymal vase, it is more than probable his fellow- citizens are eating and drinking, fiddling and dancing, as utterly ignorant of the bitter lamentations made in their name as are those men of straw, John Doe and Richard Roe, of the plaintiffs for whom they are generously pleased to become sureties. – Knickerbocker's History of New York, Complete by Washington Irving
  3. And Tyre was to have the pleasure of shedding its Decoration Day tears before this master of the lachrymal glands. – Sube Cane by Edward Bellamy Partridge

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