What does the word male mean?

  • Of the sex that begets young. Not female. What belongs to the male sex; as the male organs of generation.

  • [ French, Latin] Of, pertaining to, distinguishing, or having the characteristics of the sex which impregnates or begets, but does not bring forth young; as M. organs of generation, M. pelvis.

  • [ French, Latin] An individual of this sex.

  • [ French, Latin] Adapted for use in or upon males; as M. catheter.

  • [ French, Latin] Resembling or acting like a m.; especially, of mechanical contrivances, composed of a projecting part which is introduced into a corresponding hollow in its( female) counterparts; as M. screw, M. blade of a forceps. M. fern, see Aspidium.

  • The sex, with testicles, prostate, etc.; opposite to female.

Usage examples for male

  1. When I strolled along the village street the male villagers, especially the older ones, touched their hats to me. – Kent Knowles: Quahaug by Joseph C. Lincoln
  2. That very hour, and in the self- same inn, A mean woman was delivered Of such a burden, male twins, both alike. – The-Comedy-of-Errors by Shakespeare, William

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