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Usage examples:
  • Can't we interest you in any thing but severe muscular exertion, Mr. Delamayn? - "Man and Wife", Wilkie Collins.
  • The lad swung the axe to and fro in his hand, eyeing Joe and the tree alternately; but the natural kind- heartedness of the creature, and his reckless courage, overcame all idea of self- preservation, and raising aloft his slender but muscular arm, he cried out, " If it's a life that must be sacrificed, why not mine as well as another? - "Roughing it in the Bush", Susanna Moodie.
  • And so, in spite of his great strength, in spite of his huge body and wonderfully muscular legs, he could do nothing, for he could not fly. - "Rataplan", Ellen Velvin.

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