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  • Perceived by the individual only and not evident to the examiner, noting certain symptoms, such as pain.
  • That which is due to external conditions.
Usage examples:
  • But under the influence of love she plunges into herself, as it were, and her life for the time being is purely subjective. - "What Dreams May Come", Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton.
  • But no marvel of the Mystic Schools, no spectral scene, objective or subjective, ever evoked by the rarest of occult powers, so startled, so impressed me as what I now saw, or thought I saw. - "Across the Zodiac", Percy Greg.
  • The disserens takes only a subjective view of the question; but the disputans would come at a result of objective validity. - "Döderlein's Hand-book of Latin Synonymes", Ludwig Döderlein Commentator: S. H. Taylor.

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